In countries other than the Netherlands, Oud Wasgoed is known as Past Ink.

Past Ink, founded in Amsterdam in 2012, opens up history to the general public and makes it personal and relevant. In addition, Past Ink believes in the importance and power of cross-border history telling. Our aim is connecting people and stories across national borders, thereby opening up history to new perspectives and understandings which can be used in the present.

We involve people in the past, we challenge people on the past and we stimulate people with the past. Through various means we connect younger and older generations: from creative timelines, installations, film and tours to exhibitions and written articles. Content always takes centre stage, packaged in an entertaining form.

Clients include the European Heritage Label, Dutch Culture, the Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam and the Dutch ministry for Education, Culture and Science.From 2015 Past Ink is also active in the United Kingdom.